The Pathfix Automation documentation (Autodocs) covers all the features and functions offered by the platform as well as elements and tips on building integrations to your platform.

The documentation has been split into the following category for ease of use:

  1. Start Here is the best place for you to start if you are new here.
  2. Build Guide goes into details on how you can build out your integration and create any automation
  3. Working With APIs covers everything you need to know about the API builder and how you can connect to any API by any provider
  4. Core Functions details out all the pre-built core functions available to you
  5. Interface breaks down the entire Automation interface into pages and details out every element of the interface
  6. Monitor and Requests is where you can manage your account and monitor your requests

You can easily jump to each section using the tabs links below:

Start here

New here? It's the best place to start

Build Guide API

Start building your integrations, beginning with API Setup

Core API Functions

Pre-built functions to help fasten your automations

Interface (coming soon)

Detailed look at the Automation interface

Manage Account

Manage account and view task logs

Updated 22 Dec 2021
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