Core API Functions

Pathfix has a few Core functions added as APIs. This covers common tasks that you might need to perform as part of your automation. They are categorized in the following manner:

  • Text APIs
  • Number
  • Date
  • List
  • JSON

All the Core API have been documented with the API specification in case you wish to clone them and customize the input/output for your own use.

Accessing Core APIs:

You can search and call any of the Core APIs to perform a set of functions.

  • In your Design page, click on Call API to add a new task
Image: Call API
Image: Call API

  • Add Title to your API and click on the dropdown to Select API
  • You would see a few categories of core APIs available to you
  • Click on the API you wish to use to see a list of available APIs in that category
Image: Core functions
Image: Core functions

  • You can also search for a keyword of the core function (e.g. email)
Image: Keyword search
Image: Keyword search

Using the API

  • Core APIs allow you to pick a specific response and process it based on the output you are looking for
  • After selecting the API, you may see a set of further inputs needed by the selected API, start typing or click on the input field to see options available from previous API calls
  • The search results pulls data from previous calls and categorizes it by the API call and provider, making it easy to select.
  • In this example, we are extracting the email address to send to an internal API

Image: Select option
Image: Select option

Updated 22 Oct 2021
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