Manage Account

There is a host of settings you can access from your Account settings located on the top right section of your dashboard.

Image: Managing your account
Image: Managing your account

Theme selection

Choose from Light or Dark theme from your settings

Workspace Background

Customize Pathfix Automation with your own background. Add your company logo or a branded cover image as your background to customize it. Just add the url to the image file :)


Manage multiple workspaces from your own dashboard without having to log out and log back in to another account.

  • Click on Workspace
  • Select the Workspace you want to build in

Invite users

Invite users to your workspace (or get invited to someone's workspace)

  • Click on Workspace
  • Click on Invite Users
  • Add the email address of the team member you wish to invite and send

There is no limit to the number of users you can invite to your workspace.

My Account

Document image

Manage your entire account from this section.

  • The plan you are currently in
  • View your monthly task usage
  • Manage plans
    • Upgrade/downgrade your plan
    • Manage your payment method
    • View previous invoices paid

Custom Server Setup

Pathfix Automation offers you the option to get a dedicated server cluster. This means you get:

  • Dedicated server cluster that would run a dedicated instance of Pathfix Automation for you
  • Customize the automation endpoint to your own custom domain (e.g. using an endpoint with your domain run.acmesaas.com instead of pathfix.com domain)
  • Reach out to us to know about your eligibility

Updated 21 Oct 2021
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